7 Reasons To Live Little?


Click on each of the images below for reasons why you should choose Living Little.

Liveable spaces

You will find that the spaces in your home are comfortable

Experienced and Dedicated

Our team have years of experience in small home building and transportation using both using SIP panel and traditional building materials

Innovative Design

Living Little homes are innovatively designed using to give you long term comfortable living in a little (not tiny) home

Quality Materials

We pride our selves on the high standard of our homes. We are not the cheapest because we won’t use the cheapest materials or labour.

Ready to Go

Your home is delivered ready to go including whiteware. It can also come with appliances

Responsible Recycling

Any left over materials are responsibly recycled by our suppliers and craftsmen


So easy to stay warm in this very well insulated home.

The BEST Guarantee

We back our building work with a 5 year guarantee on all materials and workmanship for the home as a domestic dwelling

You will be looked after

We are committed to making sure your experience is a good one.

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We are Ready to Make Your Plans a Reality