Little (not tiny) Homes for Quick Delivery

Get in touch quickly to secure your little transportable home from our variety of plans or customise your own for delivery anywhere in New Zealand.


"Most practical, stylish, spacious and well planned little house you could find."

"The houses are modern and bright."

"It comes with absolutely everything that we need."

"It is comfortable, warm, well insulated and spacious inside."

Finished to a very high standard by a
team with years of experience

Living Little is a small home fabricator manufacturing your spacious Little transportable & tiny homes with innovative premium materials. By including full size kitchen, bathroom and bedroom(s) in a well designed little home you won’t find yourself needing to squeeze in or climb up. Every space feels generous and comfortable.

We recognise that people are looking for a simplified, practical home or dwelling that isn’t cramped or uncomfortable. Through contemporary design skills and craftsmanship we’ve brought you homes that are little (not tiny!) as well as spacious and beautiful. The full size spaces mean you don’t have to climb up or squeeze in. Experience the freedom of a small, movable home with all the convenience and comfort of a regular home.

The business is now made up of a talented team of building professionals and creative designers who manufacture your spacious, transportable homes with innovative premium materials. Each home includes a full-size, elegantly finished, modern fitted kitchen with optional appliances and soft furnishings. You’ll enjoy a full size shower in our crafted bathroom that is finished with quality fittings. With a variety of plans available for simple yet elegant and generous spaces, these little homes are affordable, portable and long-lasting.

Family flat, workers accommodation, small home, relocatable homes, transportable homes, minor dwelling, rental accommodation, air bnb, holiday home, portable building. These little (not tiny) homes have bedroom sizes you might find in a much larger house, with wardrobes and double aspect outlook and opening windows for fresh air flow.



If you’ve been considering, relocatable homes in Southland, Otago and where ever you are in the beautiful South Island or North Island of New Zealand, talk to Sophie about getting started. It’s that easy. We have delivered to the North Island at a surprisingly low cost.

All you need to do is make the decision to start ‘living little’, then get in touch with us to make that dream a reality. Downsize your lifestyle, explore the freedom and flexibility of small homes and sail through life with fewer stress lines!

Living Little provides high quality tiny house, transportable homes & relocatable homes in Dunedin, Christchurch, Canterbury, Dunedin, Otago & Southland.
Come and explore the freedom that Living Little can give you through either upsizing or downsizing your lifestyle in one of our truly generous and comfortable homes designed for longevity and maximum flexibility as you move through life with your moveable home.


" A big thank you to the Living Little Team for our amazing little house. It is the most practical, stylish, spacious and well planned little house you could find. It comes with absolutely everything that we need & is a hit with our friends & family! The build was a seamless process & we received fantastic support & updates throughout. We can’t wait to order another one to complete our home away from home. Thanks again! "


" Discovering Living Little was very fortunate for my parents. They moved back to New Zealand Recently expecting to buy a home in Canterbury to be near family but instead found that normal housing was not affordable any more. They were living with my husband and I but wanted a house of their own as soon as possible. I took them around different companies that were building small homes in Canterbury. Six months was the expected waiting time. Living Little were able to build a house for my parents in a short time frame and in a layout that worked for them. My parents love their new home. It is comfortable, warm, well insulated and spacious inside. The houses are modern and bright and come with all the appliances you need and they are very affordable. Sophie and John couldn’t have been more pleasant and helpful. John even came to the new property to help my father with some finishing touches and made things much easier for him. I will be recommending Living Little to anyone I can. "


" Sophie is extremely motivated to provide a high-class service. We have no hesitation recommending her to any prospective client and are happy to be contacted if required. "