Reshape your approach to Living

Tiny homes are an innovative lifestyle choice that's reshaping our approach to living! Instead of families being separated and living distances apart from each other more and more we are finding little homes are enabling families to share their land and enjoy the freedom of liveable spaces that redefine luxury without the hefty price tag. Although the tiny house concept dates back to the mid-1900s, it's now gaining global popularity as a sensible alternative to traditional housing.

Avoid the costs and complications of lengthy building procedures when building with Living Little. Our homes offer an affordable, family-friendly lifestyle whether you are bringing your family members to your land or providing your workers with homely accommodation. By using fewer materials and providing the option for an off-grid existence every space is an opportunity. It's a straightforward, sustainable way to embrace a more efficient and intentional way of living. Step into a world where the simple, practical home meets quality and comfort.

Smart Living Endless Possibilities

Discover Living Little's tiny homes – We have created spaces that feel like a space you might find in a more traditional home so you are not compromising the way you live. Where compact living meets endless possibilities! We understand how important the kitchen in any home is. So our homes maximise space without sacrificing comfort, for a cosy, movable home that provides comfort and gives options for the future. Tiny homes are made for anyone yearning for financial freedom without compromising comfort. Stepping onto the property ladder, bringing family home, Ideal for adventurers, retirees, and eco-minded dreamers.

How do Living Little Homes compare to other tiny homes?

Our beautiful Tiny Homes are affordable and crafted with care, we don't cut corners when it comes to size and you certainly won't consider it a "Tiny Home." Every space is full-size, offering limitless possibilities. Recognising the kitchen's importance, we refuse to compromise in our standard plans, providing you with everything you need. Careful consideration has led us to offer various layouts, allowing you to choose between kitchen and bathroom styles—ultimately, the choice is entirely yours.

Why You Should Live Little

Liveable spaces
Discover the remarkable comfort within your tiny home as our meticulously designed plans defy the 'Tiny' home stereotype. We prioritise both comfort and simplicity, refusing to compromise on size.
Innovative Design
Our homes are ingeniously designed to provide long-term, comfortable living in a space that's not just tiny, but perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Permanent building consents are issued the same as any traditional home.
Responsible Living
Tiny homes are recognised as an eco-friendly housing option, minimising resource use in construction, promoting energy efficiency, and encouraging a minimalist lifestyle, resulting in reduced water and energy consumption for a sustainable living experience.
Quality Materials
We pride ourselves on the high standard of our homes. We are not the cheapest because we won’t use the cheapest materials or labour. Meaning you can trust our homes will stand the test of time!
Well Insulated Homes
Our expertly constructed tiny homes ensure exceptional warmth with top-notch insulation, making them effortlessly cosy and comfortable even in colder climates.
Ready to Go
After the completion of your home construction, it's ready to be expertly relocated to your chosen lot. Your fully-equipped home, complete with whiteware, will be delivered and ready to go. Optional appliances are also available for inclusion.

Get Started on Your Little Home Journey

Let's Get Started
Kickstart the process by submitting your details through our website or one of our ads.
Explore Our Homes
We'll send you a detailed email including a brochure outlining our tiny home models, and pricing.
Personalised Consultation
Our team will discuss your needs, budget, and timeframe, tailoring a plan for you.
Customise Your Plan
We discuss options and quotes for your chosen plan, ensuring it aligns with preferences and land size.
Finalise & Begin Construction
Deposit payment initiates construction, materials are ordered, and on-site work can begin
Transportation & Move-In
During construction, we help arrange transportation, consents, and insurance. You will just need a local contractor to connect to services at your location.