Small in Size, Big on Space

If you haven’t yet stepped inside a Little Home you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Being little not tiny means the spaces inside feel like spaces you might find in a more traditional home just in a smaller building that will fit almost anywhere.

If you feel the kitchen is an important part of any home, there are no compromises here with a full kitchen including breakfast bar where your friends and family can gather, and full meals can be prepared.

Bathroom facilities are also conveniently full size so no squeezing into the shower.

These homes are ideal for comfortable farming accommodation, home for your parents and extended family or the grown up kids.
Little not tiny homes can also provide a substantial rental return on existing land. Since they are portable they can be craned over existing houses so provide for an excellent minor dwelling or rental on your existing property in town. Even if placed on permanent foundations you know you can pick it up and move it again if circumstances ever change.

They can be shipped around Canterbury or anywhere in the country, consented or with wheels depending on which suits your situation best.

The world is changing and traditional housing amongst other living costs is becoming less affordable and many people no longer want to be tied into a cumbersome mortgage. The rising tide of warm dry easy-care comfortable homes is where many New Zealanders are looking for their future.

A simple construction means a quick build from structural insulated panel coupled with timber and gib for flexible interior layouts. This also means that Living Little can include what is important to your build personally and can do so in a time frame you can count on.

Our plug and play option means you can just move in and start living as it includes all appliances, blinds, and exterior skirt finish.
Living Little customers are well looked after.


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